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Was your pet rescued from a shelter?. Was your pet days away from a death sentence? Are you amazed by how your pet somehow seems to realize that you rescued them and shows appreciation for it? Did you choose your pet or did your pet choose you.? Tell us your story. Share your tales of the overcrowded shelters and how your pet stood out from the others.There are some great stories out there. We can share ideas on how to help homeless pets in your community through fostering, volunteer organizations and education I want to hear success stories that all rescuers have.

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Animal Welfare Survey
Posted by Molly O. Webb
0 Nov 20, 06 03:40PM
Sadie's Story
Posted by
0 Dec 27, 05 06:30PM
Any Foster Parents here?
Posted by Lady
1 Dec 27, 05 06:18PM
Snowie's Story
Posted by
0 Dec 26, 05 02:33PM
Sarge & Tank's Story
Posted by
0 Dec 26, 05 02:29PM
Diamond Food Recall
Posted by Allie
0 Dec 26, 05 09:36AM
Lets get this community going
Posted by Lady
1 Dec 26, 05 09:22AM
What do you feed your Pets??
Posted by Allie
1 Apr 02, 05 04:04AM
Welcome Buddy and Precious
Posted by Allie
0 Apr 02, 05 03:57AM
Welcome Clayton and Tank
Posted by Lady
0 Apr 01, 05 06:07PM
Thanks Lady!
Posted by Marquita Tomika Velveta WilcoxBrown
0 Mar 17, 05 02:05PM
Welcome Bootz
Posted by Lady
0 Feb 13, 05 05:26PM
Sydney's Story
Posted by Sydney
1 Feb 13, 05 10:22AM
Posted by Allie
6 Feb 12, 05 03:11PM
Due you Volunteer???
Posted by Allie
2 Feb 12, 05 02:58PM
Welcome Emma and Chloe
Posted by Allie
0 Feb 12, 05 02:54PM
Welcome to Scully (*our first Cat)
Posted by Lady
1 Feb 11, 05 04:53PM
Welcome to Bear, Phoebe, and Dylan
Posted by Lady
0 Jan 26, 05 05:36PM
What's your favorite kibble & treats?
Posted by Dylan
1 Jan 20, 05 11:05AM
Welcome to Jake, Kaiya Lynn, and Sydney.
Posted by Lady
0 Dec 15, 04 05:01PM
Posted by Isis
1 Dec 10, 04 08:40AM
Posted by Isis
0 Dec 10, 04 08:36AM
Welcome to Isis
Posted by Guinness
0 Nov 29, 04 06:11PM
Welcome to Athena
Posted by Guinness
0 Nov 29, 04 06:10PM
Welcome to Weezy
Posted by Allie
0 Nov 28, 04 03:55PM
Sable's story
Posted by Sable
0 Nov 27, 04 05:43PM
Allie's Story
Posted by Allie
0 Nov 27, 04 07:44AM
Welcome Sable
Posted by Allie
0 Nov 27, 04 06:33AM
Namaka's Story
Posted by Namaka
1 Nov 26, 04 07:33AM
My Story
Posted by Kaiden
1 Nov 25, 04 07:08PM
Posted by Allie
0 Nov 24, 04 06:37PM
Welcome Bogart
Posted by Lady
0 Nov 24, 04 06:26PM
Welcome Curly Chicken Bone
Posted by Lady
1 Nov 14, 04 07:06PM
Posted by Lady
0 Nov 11, 04 05:50PM
Welcome new members
Posted by Lady
0 Oct 31, 04 08:07PM
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